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Chez OVC Assurance, nous savons qu'il n'est pas toujours facile de trouver le temps pour magasiner ses polices d'assurances. 
C'est pourquoi nous offrons un service professionnel, simple et rapide vous permettant d'économiser du temps et de l'argent en un seul coup de fil.
Nul besoin de passer des heures au téléphone ou sur internet pour trouver le meilleur assureur, nous le ferons pour vous!

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En un seul appel, un courtier de notre équipe magasinera pour vous chez plus
de 20 assureurs pour vous trouver le meilleur prix :

Concrètement, vous pourriez économiser 15% ou plus en seulement 15 minutes!


Témoignages de nos clients satisfaits

Classement moyen : 5.0

Tone E

I recently requested information and a quote from OVC Assurance. The agent who served me was Dangiao (Dan) Tran who speaks both French and English fluently. I must say that this is the first time I have been able to discuss my insurance needs with someone who actually understands insurance and is willing to take time to make the details clear. Best prices and best service ever. Finally!

Erika Santana

Nicky is my broker and he did an amazing job. Always showing the best options and best fit to my situation. He was very proactive and I'll be referring his services for friends and family. Thank you for the amazing job

David Simon

Corey Crawford at OVC Assurance was most helpful in untangling the confusion and simplifying complexity around choosing the best car insurance. He listened and understood my needs, and made helpful suggestions about options I hadn't considered. I have recommended him to my friends.

Daniel Scott

I spoke to Corey Crawford - he was very friendly and helpful, and helped me understand all the complex terminology and different options in Canada (I was coming from overseas). Would definitely use him again!

Bria Shannon Guy-Telesford

They're the best of the best. They handle all my insurance needs with care and always give me the best possible deal.

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