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Chez OVC Assurance, nous savons qu'il n'est pas toujours facile de trouver le temps pour magasiner ses polices d'assurances. 
C'est pourquoi nous offrons un service professionnel, simple et rapide vous permettant d'économiser du temps et de l'argent en un seul coup de fil.
Nul besoin de passer des heures au téléphone ou sur internet pour trouver le meilleur assureur, nous le ferons pour vous!

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En un seul appel, un courtier de notre équipe magasinera pour vous chez plus
de 20 assureurs pour vous trouver le meilleur prix :

Concrètement, vous pourriez économiser 15% ou plus en seulement 15 minutes!


Témoignages de nos clients satisfaits

Classement moyen : 4.9

Marco Pizzi

I was treated with the most honest and precise service , very polite and Samuel Boileau handled my file in literally minutes.Will definitely recommend Ovc to family and friends. Thanks to the team and Samuel!

Alain Rochefort

Sean went out of his way to communicate and keep the lines open during our selection process. Thanks Sean at OVA Assurance for a job well done!

Livia Gabrielli

Ludwig Boursiquot of OVC is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions. I felt like a valued customer during every call and I appreciate the great customer service - thank you !

Benjamin Eran-Tasker

Really liked the package I got for my auto & home insurance (two cars, home being rented and, currently in a rental). Gabriel was really friendly, courteous and, took the time to properly understand mine and, my family's needs and, came back with really good rates that actually beat the other places I checked myself including my current provider. On top of this, the policies he came back with were much better and, came with a ton of extras that nearly at no cost. I look forward to renewal to see what kind of magic he'll do again. Thank you again Gabriel!

Anthony Goffredo

As a broker at OVC I can truly give a honest review and vouch for the team we have become! Growing at an exponential rate, we simply are the best at what we do! We put in long hours and there is always someone ready to give a helping hand! With various insurers by our side, we most likely will always find a suitable coverage at a great price! I recommend anyone from the team To give an excellent service to whom ever is looking for insurance!

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