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Do I always have a deductible to pay following a car accident?

No.  The deductible is generally withdrawn in a no fault collision.

What does being insured two ways mean?

It is an expression in Quebec which refers to a coverage including both chapter A and chapter B.

What does being insured one way mean?

It is an expression in Quebec which refers to chapter A (third party liability only).

What are the main elements that influence the price of a car insurance policy?

The driving record, the claims file (FCSA), vehicle group, age, the insurance experience and the territory of use.

Am I covered if I go to Mexico?

No. Your insurance policy covers you almost everywhere in Canada and the United States (excluding Hawaii for example).


I do not need to insure my jobsites, I already have a $ 2,000,000 third party liability insurance and my jobsites have a value of $ 500,000.

FALSE. There are distinct insurances that do not cover the same thing.  It will therefore be important to analyze you needs in order to offer you the best coverage.

If I have a car accident, my tools will be covered by my company car insurance?

FALSE. The tools must be covered on my business insurance.

Am I covered for my third party liability with the RBQ license security?

No, the RBQ license security protects the public against fraud and embezzlement, among other things.

Start of an insurance contract

I have just gotten insured. When should I receive my proof of insurance (the pink paper)?

The official documents can be delivered in a delay of 15 to 25 business days following the activation of your insurance policy.  Beyond this period, do not hesitate to contact your broker to notify them.

When will the first payment be?

Depending on the insurer, the date of the first payment varies. Generally, the first payment is made upon activation of the policy or within 7-10 days of it. Please note that it can sometimes happen that your first two direct withdrawals are very close together and may even be on the same day. It is also possible that, if there is a delay in the insurer's processing of shipments, your annual insurance price will be divided into less than 12 payments. Please refer to your direct withdrawals schedule following receipt of your documents in order to read it.

What is the duration of an insurance contract?

Insurance contracts are generally for a period of one year and are automatically renewed, unless otherwise stated by your broker, the insurer or you. The cancellation of an insurance contract before the end of its term generates cancellation fees. These fees are indicated in the cancellation table present in the official documents that you will receive.

Real estate entrepreneur

I don't need sewer back-up insurance because I don't have a basement.

FALSE. A sewer back-up can happen at any floor of a building.

Earthquake is a useless protection in Quebec!

FALSE. Many regions, including Montreal and Charlevoix, are considered by experts as being at risk.

My risk of third party liability is low because my building only has 6 units!

FALSE. Third party liability covers damage to third parties. Neighboring buildings, their tenants, their loss of income and their relocation costs in addition to those of your tenants, the bill can quickly increase.

Manufacturers, distributors and retailers

My company did not manufacture a product, I am therefore not responsible for the damage it may cause.

False.   According to caselaw, the retailer could be held liable or be prosecuted for the damages caused by a product sold.

I have an additional risk if my products are manufactured in China.

True.  When your product is manufactured in China, in addition to possibly having problems regarding quality, it is extremely difficult to seek a remedy against a Chinese manufacturer.  The chain will therefore stop at the wholesaler or retailer.


Is my swimming pool covered by my basic insurance contract?

Generally, the basic home insurance policy does not cover your inground or aboveground pool, spa or sauna. Additional protection could be added to protect them. You can also protect all of the equipment, accessories and patios attached to your aboveground or inground pool or spa.

I live near a watercourse. Am I covered in the event of an overflow?

The basic all risks contract does not include protection for overflowing watercourses. However, some insurers offer this protection if the home meets the eligibility criteria.

I am a tenant. Are my belongings covered by my owner's insurance?

No, the owner's insurance aims to cover the home, its foundations up to the roof and the goods belonging to the owner.  It is therefore important to have a tenant's insurance policy in order to cover your belongings.

My new road bikes are worth $ 8000. Are they covered by my home insurance policy?

There is a limit for certain categories of goods. So, if you have high value goods, it is important to declare them in order to cover them properly. In this case, basic coverage applies, but a rider should be provided to cover the full value of the bikes.


I already have car insurance. Now that I am starting my new business, I need to have my car insurance adapted for my new activity as a real estate broker.

TRUE. The use of a vehicle has a direct impact on the insurance coverage.  Forgetting to notify the insurer could have serious consequences.

I have home insurance including third party liability. As I operate under my personal name, I am automatically insured for my professional activities.

FALSE. Professional activities are excluded from home insurance contracts as well as the resulting damage.  However, they can be covered by a rider.

My laptop used for professional purposes is covered when it is in my car because I have car insurance.

FALSE. The computer must be covered by business property insurance.

Who to contact?

In the event of an incident, who must I contact?

In the event of an incident that may require a claim, please contact our claims assistance department directly at 514-313-5999, extension 136. This consulting service is free with your policy at OVC Insurance and will undoubtedly be very beneficial to you in the event of a claim.

I have lost my broker's contact information, how can I find them?

Access your broker's contact information by opening their file in our list of employees by clicking here.

Recreational vehicles

What must I do if I have a motorcycle accident abroad?

Ideally notify your insurer of your trip beforehand. Contact your broker first to receive appropriate advice and support during the next steps. Then contact your insurer to obtain claims assistance. Emergency numbers can be found on your confirmation of insurance (the pink paper).

Am I covered everywhere in North America?

Your coverage extends from Canada to the United States.