A unique corporate culture

At the start of 2019, L'Actualité spoke about OVC Insurance, emphasizing its philosophy, the importance given to human capital and the corporate culture, in an interview with its president, Shawn Turcotte.

A different philosophy

An industry practice is to reduce the amount of insurers with whom the firm does business in order to focus its volume of insurance premiums. The OVC team believes that this practice departs from a broker's real role. The company wants to offer clients access to more insurers, target different markets while remaining competitive year-round. While many firms cut costs by creating call centers, OVC Insurance favors human contact and customized service.

To be successful in an industry as competitive as damage insurance, one had to think differently - Shawn Turcotte, President of OVC Insurance

Investing in human capital

Instead of decreasing salaries, the company prefers to offer a higher potential in order to recruit the best talents. This practice has allowed for an average of 5 candidates to be interviewed for an open position. In addition, despite the labor shortage, the team was able to go from 5 brokers in 2015 to more than 50 in 2019 thanks to the implementation of a training system to train potential candidates from various backgrounds.

A pleasant workplace

Talent attraction also comes from their comfort in an inspiring workplace. OVC Insurance's nearly 7,000-square feet offices located across from Mont Saint-Bruno offer breathtaking mountain views. This unique space allows employees to chat, have lunch as a team and relax on the accessible roof terrace. Discover several reasons to work for the OVC Insurance team.

•   Unique atmosphere

•   Free barista coffee

•   Fresh fruits

•   Teleworking

•   Training

•   Benefits

•   Group activities

•   Outdoor terrace with barbecue