Making a claim

After contacting our claims assistance team or if you are in an emergency, contact your insurer at the assistance number listed on your insurance policy. We recommend that you document the incident with pictures and videos. If you have not already done so, be sure to limit the damage.


Limit the damage

You are responsible for taking the necessary means to limit the damage or its aggravation. However, you should not make permanent repairs before talking to your insurer. In the event of water damage, dry as much surface as possible and as quickly as possible using a fan, towel or other suitable instruments.

Meet the appointed claims adjuster in your file

The insurer will appoint a claims adjuster either working for their company or subcontracting, who will be your point of contact from the start to the end of the claim. When you make your first contact, make a note of their name, phone number and extension number so that you can easily communicate with them. It is normal for the expert to call back within 24 to 48 hours. The claims adjuster will explain the protections provided for in your insurance contract and, if necessary, the procedures to follow for the additional allocated living expenses (for example, if you have to leave the house during the work). They will investigate the cause of the incident, estimate the damage and suggest a settlement.

During a claims Process

Wherever you are in your claims process, we are here to support you. You can reach our claims assistance team or your broker for help! For an emergency, contact your insurer directly.

Our Claims specialist !

Contact the assistance team at 514-313-5999 extension 136 to support you before, during and after an incident.

Contact our claims specialist